SlideShow (Carousel) - ColinTreeSlideShow

Using one extension component to finish this job!

How to use

  1. Left a HorizontalScrollArrangement, set the width and the height as you like
    (there is a known bug that when the arrangement's size changed, the slides are still that size, it causes problems)

    Example: (The BG Color can be set here)

  2. Register the horizontalScrollArrangement:

  3. Add photos:


  • AutoSwipe (before scroll start)
  • AutoSwiped (after scroll finished)
  • SlideClick
  • Swipe (before scroll start)
  • Swiped (after scroll finished)
  • ImageLoaded (added in v2)
  • ImageLoadFailed (added in v2)


  • AddPhoto
  • AtFirstSlide
  • AtLastSlide
  • ChangePhoto
  • GoFirstSlide
  • GoLastSlide
  • GoNextSlide
  • GoPrevSlide
  • RegisterScrollView


  • AutoScrollEnabled
  • CurrentSlide
  • DragThreshold
    • The value is from 0~1, same as 0%~100%, default as 0.2. After user drag the slides, when the displacement is larger the threshold value (Width * DragThreshold), ColinTreeSlideShow will scroll to the intent slide automatically
    • Example
      • The arrangement of the slideshow is 300px, DragThreshold is 0.2. After user drag the slides rightward for 70px, as 70 > 300*0.2=60, the slideshow would scroll to the previous slide
  • ScrollRightward - (auto-Scroll rightward when checked, leftward when not checked)
  • TimerInterval (Unit: millisecond, 1s=1000ms) - Control when the slideshow should auto-Scroll

  • ImageWhileLoading (added in v2) - would not display with blocks


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