Math Extension - ColinTreeMathExtended *

Extended the math methods of Appinventor (& thunkable):

Method name Explanation
Average return the average of the (Number list*)
BubbleSortInAscendingOrder return the ascending order of the numbers from the parameter(Number list*)
BubbleSortInDecendingOrder return the decending order of the numbers from the parameter(Number list*)
CubeRoot return the cube root of parameter(Any number)
GreatestCommonDivisor return the greatest common divisor of two parameter(Integer*)
LeastCommonMultiple return the least common multiple of two parameter(Integer*)
Log10 return the result of log(10,parameter)
Max return the max number in the parameter(Number list*)
Min return the min number in the parameter(Number list*)
Pi(π) return π
Power return num^n, when parameter num canbe any number but parameter n can only be Integer*
PrimeNumber If the parameter(Non-negative Integer*) is prime number then return true, else return false
ReciprocalOfTheSquareRoot return the reciprocal of the square root of the parameter(any number)
e return e
hypot return root(number1^2 + number2^2)
  • Number list*  if there is any item that is not number, runtime error may occur
  • Integer*  if a decimal is provided, it will rounded down. For example, 2.5 will be rounded down into 2
  • Non-negative Integer*  I did not try what will happen if negative is provided...


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