Asynchronous Image Loader - AsyncImageLoader

Do not need to get stuck while loading online image!


  • ImageLoadFailed
  • ImageLoaded (Succeed)


  • SetArrangementImage (TableArrangement has not a Image property, so it is not supported)
  • SetButtonBaseImage (Button, DatePicker, ListPicker, and TimePicker are supproted)
  • SetImagePicture (For Image only)

    (Totally 9 components supported)
    P.S. these methods can set up the background image, but the Image property will not be changed
    e.g. I set a online picture to a empty Image comopnent through SetImagePicture, but the property Image.Picture is still empty though the component has already get a picture.



while the app is running in a same network environment, the result has a large difference

  • Using component propertes make the screen stop responsing for a while, until all the images are loaded (1.3 second stucking in screenshot)
  • Using extension to set up the images, it just takes about 0.58 second to load, and not getting stuck

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